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ESM Billing & Consulting offers comprehensive billing and collection services that include initial consultations to ensure the highest value claims coding and incorporate your practice into our state-of-the-art electronic billing system, the Lytec® Practice Management solution.

We handle your patient’s accounts, record transactions, provide monthly statements, fill out and submit insurance claims and provide you with detailed statistical reports on your practice.

Personalized Service

Each practice is different with different needs. We custom tailor our service to meet those needs. We adapt to your work flow to minimize impact on your practice

Procedure Code Analysis

If your HCPCS, ICD-9 and CPT codes aren’t up to date and accurate, you're practice is losing thousands of dollars in denied and down coded claims. This is one of the most severe problem areas for most practices.

Inaccurate codes delay payment for months. Insurance companies utilize invalid codes as an excuse to place claims in “review,” a process that can result in summary denial of the claim or opportunistic down coding. When a procedure code is invalid, the claims payer has the discretion to use the description given as a guide to identify several possible codes and select the lowest value code for payment. You are never advised of the error and never learn of the underpayment.

If just 10% of your codes are invalid or inaccurate, and each error costs you $50 per claim, your practice could be losing $50,000 per year due to down coded payments.

Electronic Claims Processing

Reduce or eliminate paperwork, avoid costly human error, speed up the rate of your reimbursements and ensure proper coding. It all adds up to a better bottom line!

ESM’s electronic billing platform, Lytec® Practice Management, is a state-of-the-art solution recognized by medical experts as an industry leader. By automating your billing process, we save your staff hours that used to be spent filling out claims forms. We virtually eliminate the risk of human error since patient records and procedure codes are stored in our database. And we speed up the entire claims process, which results in faster payments and improved cash flow.

Payments are received seven to 21 days from the time of service provided, on average, as opposed to weeks and even months using hard copy methods.

Our electronic billing system is HIPAA compliant and is recognized by Medicare, Medicaid, the Blues and commercial insurance carriers. It has allowed ESM Billing & Consulting to achieve an acceptance rate that approaches 100%.

Claims Cost Analysis (CCA)

Ask for a FREE Claims Cost Analysis® (CCA)

The average medical practice pays $9.35 to process a claim, according to Health Data Network News. Whether the claim is for $15 or $1,500.

ESM will conduct a FREE Claims Costs Analysis of your practice to determine if our percentage fee structure can save you thousands while it improves accuracy and speeds up reimbursement times. This valuable report will also provide insight into areas where your practice is sacrificing efficiency and accuracy.

Our Claims Cost Analysis uses your own figures, so it’s extremely accurate and pertinent to your practice. All information is held in the strictest confidence and there is no cost or obligation. Once you’ve seen the Claims Cost Analysis, you decide whether ESM Billing & Consulting is the right choice for your practice.


ESM’s fees are based on a percentage of the total collections rather than a cost per claim. In almost every case, this fee structure results in significant savings for our practice clients. All of our professional services aside from the initial practice set-up, which is a one-time charge, are included in our percentage fee. Postage, electronic billing fees, paper, HCFA forms, clearing house costs, training, and coding are also included in our fee.


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